It was an amazing response from some members to help us out with the Ford Run.  Donna and Willy made the day a part of their holiday north from Brisbane, with Darryl, Barty, Lenny and Mrs Spickett (aka Denise) joining Patrick, Jane, Alan, Dave, Leanne and Michael after the Kin Kin run - all to help Joanne and Rob prepare for the day.

These same members also helped out providing some of the morning tea delights while the Ford drivers also had steak sandwiches supplied.

Rob turned up early in his Popular and nervously drank his coffee, happy that there was the club support for the run given the fact that it was his idea to hold part of the event in Cooroy.

38 cars turned up to enjoy the afternoon tea and lunch.  It was amazing to watch them drive in.  They each went without hesitation into the right class as though it had been rehearsed.  Our club members stood on the verandah and watched happily reminiscing - Donna in particular spoke of her trip in one (her first and second cars were on display) from Auckland to Wellington.

The food was a hit as was the venue with the visiting Fords enjoying the last of the day’s rays on the verandah and milling around the cars.

It was great to have such a different event at the grounds and to meet new people who share the same love of old cars as we do.  The chance to make new friends and check out cars most of us have never and will never see again was great.

Thanks to Rob for suggesting the club’s role in the national rally