It was a different approach to the usual car run this month, with members invited to attend a BYO breakfast in the park down at Noosaville by the Big Pelican, and along the river. It was held the same time as the Million Paws walk giving the day something extra as every breed you could imagine were attached to a lead and mingling.  The weather  was also warmer than we thought it might be with the sun shining brightly.

It was a great turn out including the first appearance from Carol (aka Mrs Barty) in a few months.  It was great to see her given the horrendous start to the year she and Barty have had.  In fact the turn out was so good that we ended up taking over two gazebos proudly displaying the club banner.  There was also a good turn out of cars, which were lucky enough to be parked together and within view of our tables.  We also commandeered a BBQ for our individual breakfasts.  The first cuppa was ready by 8am.  In all 18 members made the effort to come along and enjoy one of the best areas along the Noosa River.

Michael had an excellent day running away from his family and scooting under a fence just out of mum’s reach as well as patting the dogs.  Amy and Tracey (aka Mum) also enjoyed themselves as they spent the morning scooting around; dodging bike riders and dogs as they circled the gazebos on their scooters.  It is nice to have more kids attending runs.  Wayne also had the pleasure in letting everyone know that he finally bought his project car.

In the end after Bea rushed off to uni and others slowly departed, The Chambers Family (aka part Ross) as well as the Spickett’s sat watching an unexpected car rally pass along Gympie Terrace.  They were obviously a Stock car club as dozens of beautifully restored cars of all makes and models (including FJs, a Boat Tail and a Mustang) passed by.  Some of old cars tooted their horns much to the pleasure of the younger park goers and themselves.  You can always tell an enthusiast from a collector as they will be the ones willing to drive their car any where at any time and get so much of a thrill from the waves of strangers and giggles from kids.

Overall, it was an excellent morning and the best part was the rest of the day became our own to barbeque, work on uni assignments, or just catch up on much needed sleep.

Thanks to Dave and Jo for thinking outside the box and coming up with a good day.