It was a great turn out to Kin Kin this month with 7 cars turning up from the club, including the Monty’s, Ian Bruggy and Ashley Scott who has been working at Hervey Bay lately joining Dave, Leanne and Alan.  Patrick and Jane also popped in.

Other than Michael being thrown off the train for poor behaviour it was an excellent day with free horse and carriage rides and numerous stalls for people to visit.

The majority of us sat by the cars and met up Jane and Dave from the Noosa Classics and Mr and Mrs Wilkie with their 30s Buick from the Sunshine Coast Club.  Dave left thanking us all for our company commenting on just how good it was to hang around with fellow enthusiasts raising the possibility of joint runs and meeting up again.

After a great morning at Kin Kin (wow the work done to the pub was amazing, especially after the flood) most of us then headed over to the Club rooms for the Ford Run.